Harmonious Parenting Membership








I would like to invite you to a special space I have created to bring you deeper insights to parenting your young child.

This membership is perfect for:

  • Creating more joy and harmony on your parenting journey

  • Going deeper into the holistic development of the young child from birth to seven

  • Understanding your children more intuitively

  • Remembering that your children chose you as their parents and you have all that they need

  • Filling your cup up when you feel depleted and overwhelmed

  • Creating your family culture in a conscious way


What is included in your membership:

  • Monthly themes with interactive and creative parenting guidance

  • Seasonal stories, songs and finger games

  • Live monthly group coaching call

  • A discount on individual parenting support

  • Parent meditations and contemplations

  • Seasonal garden and home activities you can do with your children

  • Products and book recommendations

  • A supportive parent community


Click below to choose monthly payments or save $50 with a yearly membership: