How do we slow everything down so that we don’t feel rushed all the time and  watch our best versions of ourselves fly out the window?

Being in the Moment


Time is different for young children

Young children live in the moment while we spend much of our time worrying about the past or anticipating the future. While we do need to hold the time and space for our little ones, we also need to be undistracted and in the present moment when we connect with them. The more we do this, the more secure and satisfied our children feel with their connection to us and the more they are happily able to explore and play on their own.


Care moments are opportunities for connection

Until our babies and young children can do things for themselves, we are there to help them diaper, dress, bathe, eat and sleep. These are excellent opportunities to connect deeply with our children. It fosters healthy attachment, self love and growing independence.


Simplicity is everything

Young children just want to do what we do. They learn from imitating us and they feel important when included in our daily activities and working along side us. They really don't need to be entertained or taken to a special place. Folding the laundry, shoveling snow, wiping the table, lighting a candle, feeding the dog are special moments for them as long as they are doing it with us. 


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