Learn how to stay calm and inspired and listen to your own instincts as a parent in a world so busy and filled with contradicting advice.

Parenting from your heart space


Creating Space

Finding time for ourselves when we have little ones isn't always easy. Creating the space to just be, without an agenda or a plan may seem decadent and an inefficient use of our time but it is imperative if we are to find our center and listen to our intuition. Tuning into our heart space requires us to find quiet moments in the day even when there are dirty dishes in the sink or client emails to read. 


Listening and Observing

To see who our children truly are and understand what they need, we can find moments to observe them without judgement and listen to them without imposing our thoughts on them. Stay open and and you will be amazed at what you learn from that wise little being!


Being Present

Not only is staying present important when connecting to our little ones, but it helps us when we are feeling overwhelmed. We can handle challenges and meltdowns with more grace and ease when we notice what leads up to them. We will also be less likely to take those behaviors personally if we can remain more centered in our heart space. 


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