Learn how to bring harmony into the dailiness of your life so that your child feels safe and at peace even during the difficult transitions.

Creating Daily and Weekly Rhythms


Young children find comfort in repetition and familiarity

Even adults feel calmer when we have a routine. For our little ones, going about their day and week in the same way gives them the space to explore and play without worrying about what comes next. They can also move from one activity to another more fluidly. 


A rhythmical day is like breathing

Activities in the day have a certain quality to them. Some feel more like breathing out and others are more like breathing in. Creating your rhythm so that it allows for breathing in and out will nourish the whole family. Paying attention to the spaces in between can bring smoother transition moments.


Young children often create their own rhythm

We marvel that our children want the same meal day after day, or to read the same bedtime story week after week. This is their natural way of creating familiarity for themselves and should be honored. They also take longer to integrate experiences and will repeat processes extensively until they feel satisfied. 


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